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  • Read Before Login or If You Need Support... (Wednesday, May 18, 2016)

    What is my USERNAME and PASSWORD?

    For all users the username will be their CCC portal username. Typically, the username is the first letter of the first name + last name + (a number if the name is common). Example: jsmith, jsmith2, jsmith3... If you don't know your portal username, please call the HELPDESK at 856.691.8600 x1411 and tell the support person that you need to know your Portal username. The password for students is their 8 digit birth date (MMDDYYYY) unless they have elected to change it. The password for instructors is given by the Blackboard Administrator.

    Students taking ONLine & HYBrid courses should complete the Distance Learning Orientation website before accessing Bb. A Demo Course is also available for those wishing to access more information about Blackboard. To be enrolled in the demo course, email Judy at or try to self-enroll by locating the Training folder in the Courses List and then CCC Blackboard Demo Course. 

    Please be aware that new student accounts are not created until students are uploaded into courses for each new term, which typically doesn't occur until 1-2 days before semester or session start. 

    VIDEO TUTORIALS for students are available on this website:

    What is Blackboard (or Bb)?

    Blackboard is a web system used by ONLine or HYBrid courses and some traditional courses. Through Blackboard, students have 24/7 access to download class notes, submit assignments, take scheduled exams, read and contribute to class discussions, communicate with the instructor and other students, and receive feedback.

    I am registered but I have COURSES MISSING, now what?

    Students are not given access to their Blackboard courses until the first day of the semester; therefore, links to the courses may not appear in the My Courses list until then. IF THE SEMESTER HAS STARTED and you know that you have a course that is using Blackboard but it is not appearing in your My Courses list, complete the Blackboard Tech Support request form below. NOTE: NOT ALL On-Campus COURSES use Blackboard, so ask your instructor first before submitting a tech support form. All ONLine and HYBrid courses will use Blackboard.

    To Get Blackboard Support, complete the following Blackboard Technical Support Request form:

    If you have trouble accessing the Bb Tech Support Form, sign in to your college Gmail account (portal, and then click the form's link above.

    This technical support request form allows students to request missing courses, reset passwords, request help with a Blackboard feature, or request some other type of Blackboard help.

    Other Important Technical Information

    College Email:
    Blackboard only uses College-issued email accounts for communication. Additionally, students will receive messages from instructors and/or Blackboard announcements only in their CCC email inboxes. The same is true for the instructors. When students send messages through Blackboard, they will only be sent to the instructor's CCC email account. Students and Instructors are expected to check their CCC email accounts regularly. Go to - or to log in.

    Recommended Browsers:
    Blackboard works well with specificbrowsers, for example, Google Chrome and's FireFox. Using Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, or other browsers may cause incompatibility when using Blackboard, especially when taking a test.

    JAVA Software:
    Blackboard requires the latest version of the Java software. See if you have the latest version here:

    Mobile Devices and Blackboard's Mobile Learn App:
    Mobile Devices (smartphones and tablets) have some limitations while navigating Blackboard 9.1. Mobile devices are not recommended for submitting assignments or taking a test. While Blackboard's Mobile Learn App does have some advantages, the support for it from the College is limited. Students should contact the makers of the apps instead of CCC's technical support for help with the Mobile Learn App.

    What does ONL, HYB, and ENH mean?

    ONL is short for Online Courses (take place completely online). HYB is short for Hybrid Courses (a blend of face2face and online). ENH is short for Enhanced Courses which are regular / traditional / face2face courses that are held on campus where the instructor has elected to use Blackboard to supplement the course by posting course materials accessible outside of the regular class meetings.

    How do I Change my Blackboard Password?

    Once you are logged in, in the Tools module, click on Personal Information. Next, click Change Password.

    INSTRUCTORS: How do I create a NEW Bb course or COPY my Existing Courses for an upcoming semester.

    Certified Instructors wishing to use Blackboard for their courses must complete the Blackboard Course Copy form located under Work Requests on the portal's home page. If the course is brand new, request a weekly or unit template, whichever better suits your needs.

    How can I get Technical Support by phone?

    During regular business hours contact Judy at 856.691.8600 x1380. During off-hours and weekends complete the form mentioned above. To make a request via email, email Judy,